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Wish Suresh Raina on his birthday

The Chennai Super Kings Cute Pie, Dasher and Crown Prince of Indian Team Suresh Kumar Raina Turns 25 today. So wish him a very Happy Birthday and a great career ahead!

On this precious day just we go through some of the interesting facts and things that happened in his prolific career see and enjoy your time here!

Quotes and facts related to Raina:-

"It was a dream that almost died before it was born; the tale that began on a sour note, however, is now enjoying a fairytale run."

"He used to sleep with a match-box under his pillow even at the age of six so that he could check the time at night and get up for his training. Switching on the lights would have meant waking up others in the family"

"We don't know from where he learnt cooking, but he surprises us sometimes. He prepares dishes like 'arhar ki peeli daal' and 'makke di roti'.."

"Even now, he calls me up asking to arrange a practice schedule whenever he is in the city, but he never disturbs the routine training of our juniors. That shows his respect for the game."

Golden Snaps:-

Funny Suresh Raina Quotes:-

"I love dal-roti, kadi-chawal and rajma ... But fitness important hai, that’s the reason why I have chicken. I have become a chickenarian of late..."

Inspirational quotes:-

The hostel days were hard. "I enjoyed the hardships. I learnt to be brave and mentally strong to face anything and anyone. Seniors ragged me but nothing deterred me. I had left the comforts of home as a challenge and I never lost my concentration and focus."

Happy Birthday Sanu:-

Raina's Birthday Cake

♥ Suresh Raina ♥ Tweets

"Its the love & blessings from all of u that's going to make my day extra special. Thank u so much!"

Had a fun day. Especially bec of all ur wishes. Reached Cuttack for the ODI & got this super chocolatey cake from our hotel..

The CSK247 Team and Fans wish Suresh a very Happy Birthday and wish him to do well in the coming days....<3 <3

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  1. aapie bdae ...!!wishin u a bet carrerr ahead..11:b

  2. I wish him the very best at his birthday!


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